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Calibrations Consulting is a boutique consultancy specialising in the human services field. The business works across all levels of government, the NGO service sector and with community based organisations including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations.

Director and Principal Peter McLaughlin has a vocation of over 40 years working in the Human Services Sector. This has included operational leadership in Health, Disability, Aged Care, Community Services, Social Housing, and Local Government, working in a policy environment with the Australian Institute of Health & Welfare and working as a visiting fellow in Health Science Management with Charles Sturt University.

Peter has transitioned his executive leadership experience, skills and knowledge to establish Calibrations Consulting. His contemporary knowledge of the aspirations of clients, service providers and government agencies gives Calibrations a sound framework to support the human services sector.

At Calibrations Consulting we have the view that Human Service organisations know their business and have a genuine desire to improve the lives of those clients that they support.However, they are not always able to stop working in the business and dealing with the daily challenges to take a holistic look at the organisation in a way that allows continual calibration to support business improvement.

This is where we believe we can help and use our knowledge to assist organisations in having that system wide view including linkage with the external environment. This will allow a recalibration on the parts of the business that need change.

Calibrations Consulting does not offer a service that is a window dressing exercise .Rather they strategically look at the health of an organisation by examining its governance and leadership, its employee relations, its client relations, its systems and processes and by looking at its measures of success.

We help develop a clear connection between stratregy, operations and culture. With culture we like to look at organisations along the lines that Gareth Morgan in his book ‘Images of Organisations’ describes as looking for activeness over passiveness, autonomy over dependence, flexibility over rigidity, collaboration over competition, openness over closeness and democratic enquiry over authoritarian belief. This is about setting the framework for a learning organisation.

Most organisations would like to describe themselves as  being  a learning organisation.Psychologists for many years have described learning as where there is a relatively permanent change in behavior arising from experience.However,many organisations have unconscious roadblocks that prevent continual learning. This can arise due to lack of built in reflection or opportunity for trying something new.

Our ultimate aim is to help organisations and individuals to Learn to Learn.

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