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Client Relationships

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We assist organisations understand their clients and wider community and in developing and managing those relationships.

There are major changes in how human services are and will be provided in Australia with the emphasis on the Client having greater choice and control over what they receive, when they receive it and what they are prepared to invest in the service. So it is critical that there is an ongoing understanding of who your clients are both present and future; their needs and expectations and importantly how they define service value. We can help convert client feedback into positive service improvements.

Organisations have to focus on the fact that it is their offerings (products/services) that will be competing in the market place. Clients will select offerings that offer them the highest perceived value.

Getting the service delivery model balanced to achieve value to the clients as well as developing the business is critical in achieving sustainability.

Organisations need to understand how they are perceived in the wider community and should have strategies as to how they best connect with this wider community. For example are you a good corporate citizen, what skills do you have that could benefit the community? We have experience in community engagement and community development activities. Our experience in social planning could assist in better understanding and connecting with communities.

Specific services

Calibrations Consulting offers the following services under client & community relationships

Clarify who your clients are, present and future

This would normally be done in conjunction with strategic planning, however ongoing reviews linked to changing community demographics are also good practice). This could include some targeted social planning on the future needs of the organisations catchment population

Client relationship management

Developing a specific engagement strategy that will allow clear unambiguous understanding of client aspirations and what they value from a service. Develop a system of linking client feedback to policy and process review. This engagement should be linked to the organisation's communication plan.

Understanding and engaging with the broader community

Providing strategies for engaging with the broader community from a good corporate citizen perspective. These strategies need to be linked to the organisations communication plan.

Understanding what clients value

Providing advice on how to measure what clients perceive as value to them.

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