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Employee Relationships

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When we look at employees from a biology perspective, we find that they are people with complex needs who must be understood if they are to perform effectively in the workplace.

There are libraries full of reference material with evidenced based research which tells us that employees work best when they are motivated and that this motivation is linked to their personal needs being met.

Calibrations can support organisations to develop ways to encourage and enable employees to make personally satisfying contributions to achieve the organisations goals.

We can assist in getting buy in from your staff and a genuine commitment not merely compliance. As we all know working with a commitment is more likely to develop innovation which in turn links to more effective and efficient service or product.

We can help develop a performance assistance program that is clearly linked to organisational goals and the personal development of the employee. We will assist managers and employees to have those difficult discussions when it comes to work performance. It is not difficult to have a discussion about not meeting performance targets but more difficult when it comes to poor behaviour, whether this is in relation to managers or employees. We contend that individual performance is linked to behaviours and hence the need for skills and systems for performance support in this area.

For employees to function well they need to have a clear sense of purpose and their skills needs to be matched to that purpose. We will assist in getting this alignment correct. We will also assist with ensuring the wider organisational environment is understood and identify both positive and negative environmental impacts on employees. Enviroment in this context includes the physical work environment, the equipment and tools of trade and just as importantly the broader employee relations ,organisational structure, communication processes, the market and the socio-political environment. We will look at the connection between organisational leadership and the performance of employees. We assist in developing a PEOPLE SCORECARD which would include performance, development, wellbeing and engagement.

People like organisations are in a state of both being and becoming. So the concept of managing change should not come as a surprise to either the organisation or the individual but the reality is that managing the dilemmas of change seems to be all consuming within organisations. We assist organisations to develop approaches to deal with the three connected activities of; managing business as usual, guiding the process of change and leading people in relation to both activities.

We agree with the quote from Mark Stevens in his book Extreme Management where he concluded that:

...in poorly managed organisations, people are problems. In well managed organisations, people are problem solvers.

Specific services

Calibrations Consulting offers the following services under employee relationships

People scorecard development

Performance, development, relationship/engagement and wellbeing. Using a people scorecard approach to guide organisational change.

Collective accountability

Understanding ones role and purpose.

Performance development systems and individual assistance planning

A system that is meaningful, simple and is a genuine tool to assist both employees and the organisation.

Skills for managers in having the difficult conversations

How to plan for this, where to start, what to say, how to say it and how to actively listen.

How to make conflict constructive

Help managers understand the different types of conflict and know how to support positive tensions as a learning process. It is important for learning organisations to have productive conflict. This is about how to develop TRUST.

Managing destructive conflict through introducing conflict management tools

These tools are around how to mine for conflict and commence the conversation, when to allow time for conflict and setting the rules for engagement.

Help develop employees as leaders

This is where they know their strengths and weaknesses, they can self reflect, become self aware and demonstrate integrity in their role.

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