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We offer extensive experience in the WHAT, WHY and HOW of Organisational Leadership.

We believe that good leadership starts with good governance. Firstly by acknowledgement that the governing body understands their moral and legal obligations and ensures that this understanding permeates into a well researched and developed business strategy underpinned by a risk management plan.

When developing organisational strategy we give as much focus to what you want to achieve as to what you want to avoid.

Leadership is about creating and maintaining an appropriate organisational culture. We look at culture in this context in terms of organisational development, reflected in how the organisation develops their system of knowledge, ideology, values, policy and day to day operations.

Leadership should be a whole of organisation objective not just a role that is for the Board or the Executive Leadership Team. We take a practical definition of an organisation, ‘being a group of people working together to achieve a common purpose’.

We assist organisations to understand leadership from a situational analysis perspective. This is about understanding leadership responsibility and the best approach to take as the organisation moves through its different life cycles. From our many years of practical leadership and management experience our work is focused on sustainability of the organisation not on a quick fix or window dressing exercise.

We focus on leadership and its influence on the culture of the organisation and the leadership required in working with change and uncertainty.

We support organisations in developing a Quality Governance Framework as part of their corporate governance. This is about being able to define quality, describe the system, process, controls that are in place to deliver quality and the feedback loops that are in place to continually improve services.

Specific services

Calibrations Consulting offers the following services under leadership & governance

Organisational analysis

Undertaking a health check using both specific reviews and self assessment tools. Reviewing organisational capability by looking at the link between strategy, leadership, and culture and performance.

Organisational strategy and business planning development

Strategic Plan development guidance and facilitation and linking operations with strategy and setting responsibilities and performance measures.

Organisational structure development

Matching structure to service model, life cycle of the organisation and the outcome of a health check.

Governance systems and controls

Reviewing current governance arrangements and risk management plans and assisting with the development of these.

Quality governance systems and controls

Assist is ensuring service quality has review processes in place in particular linking quality programs with a robust complaints process.

Communication strategy

We help develop a communication strategy and plan for the organisation.

Building a cohesive leadership team

Assist team building through specific programs, reflective practice and shared accountabilities.

Leadership skills in managing change and uncertainty

We help look at the psychology of uncertainty and the tools to manage this.

Collaborative leadership throughout the organisation

We introduce the concept of leadership being everybody’s responsibility.

Mentoring for leaders

Mentoring plans for individuals and acting as a mentor and linking to other mentors.

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