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Organisational Performance

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Can your organisation clearly describe why they exist? How they behave? What is their main focus right now? How well are they doing? What do their stakeholders think?

We will work with organisations to look at how they should develop performance indicators that answer these questions. However a priority with any performance reporting is to know if they are creating and delivering value to all their stakeholders.

We look at indicators that tell a story about the sustainability of the organisation in terms of its; financial and asset capability, employee’s capability and leadership capability.

We will assist organisations to develop collective accountability throughout the organisation. We see this as where all employees can identify that they have a collective influence and responsibility for the organisations performance.

We recalibrate the organisations performance reporting to ensure a balance between efficiency and effectiveness measures.

We use a combination of tools incorporating quality management, organisational development, business excellence and a balanced scorecard approach to looking at performance.

Specific services

Calibrations Consulting offers the following services under organisational performance

Performance measures for operational efficiency

What are the drivers of efficiency and what does efficiency look like?

Developing future growth targets

Understanding your opportunities for growth and setting targets that can be measured.

Benchmarking against best practice

Have you a clear understanding of best practice in your service area?

Aligning strategic plans with performance reporting

Aligning performance reporting to both the strategic and business plans of the organisation.

Risk management reviews

Does your organisation have a risk management plan? How is this developed and reviewed?

Client satisfaction and service effectiveness

Linking client feedback into the performance review process.

Society contribution through community views and analysis

Seeking feedback from the community on how the organisation is perceived as a good corporate citizen.

Knowing your competitors to establish points of difference

Who are your competitors? and how do you compare? What is your point of difference?

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