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    The work of Calibrations consulting supports
    the objective of Human Service Organisations
    of maintaining a commitment to improving
    the overall quality of life for their clients.

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    Learning Organisations

    Organisations need to be in a constant state of learning
    about its various components and its environment.

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    Learn to Learn
    Learn to Learn is about having a constant review of the systems
    and processes within an organisation.
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    Organisational Culture
    Leadership and Management practice
    shapes the cultural reality of an organisation.
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Calibrations Consulting helps measure the performance of organisations.

Calibration can be defined as a process of measuring performance of a particular system/process or instrument. The term Organisation comes from the Greek word organon which means a tool or instrument and hence the reason for the name of the business.

Calibrations Consulting views organisations as living complex systems made up of many connecting elements that are in a constant state of tension. Successful organisations understand these tensions and know how to manage this in a way that creates a culture of constructive harmony.

Organisations exist in a dual state of dealing with the issues of the present and the uncertainty of the future which needs constant review.


Lawler & Worley in ‘Built to Change’, talks about the dilemmas of this constant tension and describes it this way;

"In uncertain and rapidly changing environments organisations are challenged to accomplish two often conflicting objectives: performing well against a current set of environmental demands and changing themselves to face future business environments."

Calibrations’ consulting assists organisations in calibrating their operation and performance through looking at the key elements of leadership, client and the broader community relations, employee relations, system and process thinking and measuring performance for sustainability.

Strategy diagram

We help organisations look at leadership not just from the traditional concept of competences, behaviours and values of individual leaders but as a collaborative concept that is shared at all levels in the organisation.

We also believe that good leadership starts with good governance.

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Nan and child

Major change is occurring in the Human Service sector in the way services are provided to clients. The terms choice, control and service value are prominent when we look at what clients will be seeking in relationships with service providers. Clients will select offerings that provide them with the highest perceived value.

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For employees to function well they need to have a clear sense of purpose and their skills need to be matched to that purpose.

Organisations’ that have good employee relations have developed approaches that support employees through connecting, performance, development, wellbeing and continuous engagement.

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We view organisations as complex systems made up of many connecting elements which exist in continuous exchange with their environment. These various elements of the organisation are in a state of constant tension.

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Organisations need to clearly describe why they exist? How they behave? What is their main focus right now? How well are they doing? What do their stakeholders think?

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